Tune Ups & Scheduled Maintenance

Tune Ups & Scheduled Maintenance

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The Importance of Tune-Ups and Scheduled Maintenance in Memphis, TN

If you drive a Subaru near the Memphis, TN area, you can schedule a routine tune-up and maintenance appointment at Jim Keras Subaru. Every new and used car we sell includes a maintenance schedule along with the owner's manual. This guide helps drivers stay on top of routine service by telling you what parts and systems of your car require attention at which intervals. Often times many of our customers come to us for a routine engine tune-up just to ensure that everything looks and sounds okay under the hood.

For all your tune-up and scheduled maintenance needs, schedule an appointment and visit the service center at Jim Keras to learn more. We are conveniently less than a 20-minute drive outside of Germantown, TN.

Keeping Your Engine in Great Health

Before the days of electronically-controlled ignition systems, engine tune-ups were considerably more involved and intricate. The process required connecting your engine to a machine that would measure things like power output levels, fuel economy, and torque. From there, a technician would "tune" your vehicle's ignition and performance so that they would stay at normal levels. Now, modern cars have numerous electronic systems that help keep the engine performing at its best without the need for constant tuning.

However, drivers still schedule engine tune-ups routinely, similarly, to scheduling an annual physical with your doctor. In both scenarios, a routine checkup is essential to determine your car's current and future maintenance needs. While today's cars come built to last, they would not be as resilient without periodic attention and service to their most critical systems. You should schedule a routine tune-up at least once a year, especially as your Subaru begins to age past 50,000 miles.

Knowing When to Give Your Subaru the Care it Deserves

A yearly routine tune-up appointment can help ensure you adhere to your scheduled maintenance. Every new and used Subaru comes with service schedule, included with the owner's manual. This service schedule breaks down what parts and systems should be maintained or replaced by which intervals. These intervals are broken down by months or mileage, so drivers should adhere to whichever comes first in their daily routine. As an example: a new Subaru comes due for an oil change between 3,000 and 6,000 miles, but a person who does not drive as frequently can consult the maintenance schedule to see around what month their oil filter expires.

Some of the most critical maintenance procedures occur around 30,000; 60,000; and 90,000 miles, which is why this scheduled service is often referred to as "30/60/90k service." Adhering to these intervals is essential to ensure your Subaru retains its legendary long-term value.

30,000 Mile Service

When your Subaru hits 30,000 miles, it may require:

  • Oil change
  • Tire rotation
  • Fluid system check- brake, transmission, coolant/antifreeze
  • Filter change- engine, cabin
  • Full multi-point visual inspection

60,000 Mile Service

When your Subaru hits 60,000 miles, it may require:

  • Oil change/tire rotation
  • Interior/exterior lighting inspection
  • Engine fuel system service
  • Inspect all fans, belts, hoses
  • Replace spark plugs

90,000 Mile Service

When your Subaru hits 90,000 miles, it may require:

  • Front/rear differential fluid replacement
  • Transaxle fluid replacement
  • Oil change/tire rotation
  • Fuel system service
  • Complete vehicle inspection

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Whether you need immediate assistance to address a strange noise under the hood, a battery, or you want to schedule a yearly tune-up, one of the best places to go for Subaru drivers in Memphis is right here at Jim Keras Subaru. Our Subaru service center is located on-site at our dealership on Covington Pike and fully staffed with factory-trained, experienced Subaru technicians. You will find us less than 10 minutes outside of Bartlett, TN. We hope to hear from you soon!