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Man the new car is a big hit with everyone who sees it. We had to take it to Paragould to let Emily (our daughter ) see it. The headlights are DIFFERENT. There seems to be a curtain as you go over a hill or down an incline that cuts out the light. I assume that is the "projector Lights". Have never driven one with that feature before. The 1st night Anita got home and we thought they had left some plastic over the top half of the headlights.

She said Bill told her to not pay attention to the gas mileage at first but I did notice RPMs not dropping as low as the one we test drove. I figure it will get better as it gets broken in. We do love it and as I said the reviews have been fantastic.
I want to thank you for the professionalism and caring you showed us in this process. As teachers we work hard for our money (sounds like a song in there) and don't make these kind of purchases very often. You realized that and gave us our space, gave us information, and gave us GREAT support. I will not hesitate to send friends and family your way.
We will probably try to get the back up camera in sometime next week. I may even see if they can add homelink (I thought it had it).
See you soon and again "THANKS"

Bob W.

Hi Vinny,

I wanted to take a minute to share my latest experience with car shopping with you.  I was in the market for a small SUV or wagon and spent considerable time researching and shopping.  I was less then impressed with all of the dealerships that I visited in the course of this process (poor customer service, pushy dealers, dealers not familiar with their product, etc).

Needless to say I was very pleasantly surprised from the minute I walked into your dealership and met Dave Elison and your product specialist Agam.  Agam's knowledge of Subaru products is incredible, and I can honestly say that I received a wonderful education about Subaru vehicles which led me to decide that I wanted to buy an Impreza Outback Sport. Dave was extremely helpful and not at all rude or pushy.  He helped me examine all of the options available so that I could make the most educated decision possible.   I will be relocating to Vermont in August (to attend medical school) and I ultimately decided that it would be cheaper and easier to purchase a vehicle there (cost of driivng, hotels, etc.).  I cannot stress enough how helpful your staff's expertise and willingness to help has made this entire process for me.  Dave and Agam should be commended for their incredible customer service and passion for their job.  My decision to purchase in Vermont instead of Memphis was purely logistical, and I will certainly recommend Subaru and your dealership to any of my friends in the Memphis area who are interested in purchasing a vehicle.


Kovi B.

Hi Dave!

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the awesome car buying experience I enjoyed with you!  Not only did I get the car I wanted, it all went so smoothly, PLUS I got a great deal as compared with Little Rock.
    Working with you was joy.  I have re-read James 1 several times and am sharing that scripture with my co workers. Not only do I feel "lighter" and less burdened, but am building stronger bonds and better relations through this sharing.  Thank you so much for sharing that with me.
 I wasn't sure if I would be able to work out a deal.  It's intimidating shopping for a car for a "not very mechanically inclined" gal like myself. I can't remember his name, but the young man who was the product specialist was adorable, friendly, and did such a good job familiarizing with the car.   Rick, who handled all the "red tape" was so friendly, relaxed and wanted to see "Lucky"  plus he's from Arkansas......wow.  :-)
 Everyone who greeted on the parking lot.....absolutely everyone....was so nice and I will definitely tell everyone who asks.....buy from you guys!!!!  It was so well worth the drive and research time to have the pleasure of shopping with you all.

I will be sure the survey is marked with the highest rating and satisfaction!!!!

Tammy J.

Dear Mr. Keras and Mr. Girard,

On May 8th, my husband and I were halfway through our cross-country roadtrip from San Antonio to Dayton when our beloved STI started making funny noises a few miles outside of Little Rock. I started calling every dealership listed in the owner's manual but nobody had a service department open that late on a Saturday afternoon. When we stopped for gas in Memphis, we popped the hood to listen closer and decided we couldn't go any further. We managed to make it to your lot just as your salesmen were closing up for the day, and boy were we surprised! Bill Blake could not have been more cheerful, welcoming and helpful- he listened to the car himself and brainstormed solutions with us, and even called around Memphis to find a rental car company that was open. Tommy Parker helped out too, and volunteered to give us a ride to the airport in his own Subaru. They both waited patiently in the parking lot while we unpacked the essential items from our car and loaded them into Tommy's, and when we got to the airport, Tommy waited to make sure we got a car alright, then he helped us transfer all our stuff over to the rental. At this point it was well past dark, and on a Saturday no less. In the week that followed, your service department did a fine job updating us on the progress of our repair and called us the second it was finished. My husband booked a one-way flight from Dayton to Memphis to pick up our baby, and when he walked off the plane, there was Bill waiting right there inside the terminal for him!!

Despite our mechanical difficulties, we made it to Dayton in time to check into our base housing assignment (we're in the Air Force) and for my husband to start his next medical school rotation on Monday morning. I really don't know what we would've done without your truly outstanding staff. From the moment we arrived, they treated us like family and went WAY above the standard call of duty. Bill and Tommy's exceptional kindness and obvious passion for Subarus put the smiles back on our faces and have earned you two loyal customers for life. When we go to buy our next Subaru, we're not returning to our hometown of Boulder- we'll make the trip to Memphis to visit our friends again and buy from Jim Keras Subaru! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for having such exceptional men on your staff.

With much gratitude and Subaru love,

Julie and Nathan H

Hi Dave:

I just bought this 2010 Forester back in August and it is my first Subaru. Let me tell you that this car handles incredibly well in the snow (as I am sure you know). My favorite part about my most recent drive was that I was on my way to work this past snow/ice day and had to go up a rather steep hill that the vehicles in front of me were unable to climb so far as two feet, as they would slide back down. Once they all were turned around and re-routed, I finally was able to put my new Forester to the test. From a complete standstill at the bottom of the hill, my perfectly symmetrical AWD Forester went up this icy hill as if it was superglued to hot blacktop pavement.  
My only complaint: I might have made it look too easy for everyone else.


Michael (2010 Subaru Forester Owner)


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