Compare the Subaru Forester to the Honda CR-V

The 2020 models of the Subaru Forester and the Honda CR-V are both excellent compact SUVs, and they've been popular models for a long time. However, the Forester in 2020 has a newer design that puts it ahead of the CR-V at this time. At Jim Keras Subaru, we think the Forester is a better choice for your family.


The Subaru Forester had its last overhaul of its design in 2019, and for the CR-V, its last major redesign was 2017. The Forester is better at integrating its tech and controls into its design in the interior, and the exterior is a bit more modern and sleek. The recent years have seen a shift in SUV design towards more sporty and aggressive looks, and the Forester definitely follows that trend.


The tech for the two SUVs depends on which trim levels you get. The infotainment screen on the CR-V is 7 inches across. In the lower trims, the Forester's is 6.5 inches, but higher trims bump that up to a welcome 8 inches. The Forester also has a few extra features that the Honda CR-V does not. This includes a PIN entry system for security and superior options for the sound system. Both share most of the key tech features that Memphis drivers expect, including smartphone connectivity.


The engines on the Forester and Honda CR-V are largely similar. They both get about 190 horsepower from their engines, and they both get the same gas mileage at a rating of 29 combined miles per gallon. But the Subaru's edge is that all-wheel drive comes standard with it, while it's optional for the Honda CR-V.


As is common with SUVs, both of these vehicles get top ratings from the major safety institutes. They also both have safety tech like lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control, but the software and tech in the Subaru are both newer and easier to access through the new interface.

Learn More and Test Drive a Subaru Forester

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