Transmission & Clutch Replacement

Transmission & Clutch Replacement

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Clutch Replacement and Transmission Service at Jim Keras Subaru

Every vehicle's transmission utilizes a clutch which interacts with the wheels and the engine to keep the vehicle moving forward or stationary as needed. Without a clutch, an engine would spin wheels indefinitely and would not know how to stop or conserve energy. While the clutch and transmission of your new or used Subaru can go long distances before they need service, eventually all of these parts will come due for service and repair. When you need a clutch replacement or transmission service for your Subaru, visit Jim Keras Subaru here in Memphis. Our dealership is less than a 35-minute drive outside of West Memphis, AR.

What is the Clutch?

The clutch works with the transmission, engine, and wheels, and allows the transmission to pull the vehicle forward, or reverse it as needed. Without the clutch, the engine would spin the wheels indefinitely every time the vehicle is activated, and the transmission would be unable to bring the car to a complete stop, park it, or reverse it. Your Subaru's clutch system is comprised of several parts: the clutch plate, a pressure plate and the flywheel.

In a manual transmission car, the clutch pedal releases springs which push all of these three parts together, thus, keeping the engine and transmission moving at the same rate. Each time you press the clutch, the springs push these parts away from the clutch plate, which temporarily makes the engine and transmission spin at different speeds, allowing you to shift gears.

In an automatic, or continuously variable transmission, the clutch plate, pressure plate, and flywheel are controlled autonomously. The system engages and disengages the clutch as you drive to select the best gear changes and keep you moving forward.

When to Repair and Replace

The exact time the clutch system of your Subaru needs to be replaced varies based on your driving habits and how well you take care of the vehicle as a whole. You should familiarize yourself with the vehicle's transmission fluid reservoir under the hood, periodically checking it to ensure the fluid remains at the proper level. Transmission fluid helps keep the clutch plate, pressure plate, and flywheel of the transmission well lubricated, so failure to maintain proper fluid levels can cause excess friction and further transmission damage.

When properly maintained, a Subaru clutch should last at least 50,000 miles. However, if you live in the city, you may wish to pay close attention to your transmission. Drivers who commute frequently in Memphis or other heavily-populated city areas may need to get their clutch replaced sooner since the transmission tends to shift frequently between lower gears, thus, causing the clutch and engine to work overtime.

Signs Your Clutch Needs Replacement

If your Subaru has reached 50,000 miles, or you tend to drive a lot in low-gear city traffic, you should pay close attention to the following signs your clutch mat need to be replaced:

  • Vibrating/loose clutch pedal (manual transmission)
  • Sluggish/imprecise gear changes when accelerating (automatic transmission)
  • Momentary loss in acceleration
  • Ability to rev engine, but poor acceleration
  • "Check Engine" dashboard warning light

Where to Go for Subaru Service

If your Subaru clutch needs replacement, or your transmission needs some attention, the best place for you to go near the Memphis area is right here at Jim Keras Subaru. Our factory-trained Subaru technicians have all the expertise needed to diagnose and repair any repairs your new or used car might need, using genuine Subaru parts.

Schedule a service appointment today to learn more and visit us here on Covington Pike in Memphis, TN. Our Subaru service center is located on-site at our dealership and conveniently less than a 15-mile drive outside Germantown. Schedule an appointment and visit us today!