Subaru and Liberty Mutual Pair for RightTrack Driving App

Here at Jim Keras Subaru, we want people in Memphis, TN to drive safe at all times. In a Subaru, you can feel confidence, because we have some of the safest vehicles around. Now, you can even save and check on your insurance to promote safe driving, too.

Liberty Mutual and Subaru have paired up to bring the insurance company's RightTrack usage-based program to the STARLINK system, found on all new Subaru vehicles. This will give the users real time feedback on your driving habits that can make you safer behind the wheel. It will look at behavior like acceleration, braking events, late night driving and how you perform, and provide you with reports, and what savings you'd be able to experience by being a safe driver.

It's a cool app, and we can't wait to see it on our vehicles soon. It's coming in late spring. We'll be sure to update you on its progress, and if you'd like to experience a safe vehicle, feel free to contact us here at Jim Keras Subaru and we'd be happy to answer questions, and arrange test drives.


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